Website Development


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Website Development

Website Development

Course Description

The website Development curriculum is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. Students learn how to critically evaluate website quality, how to create and maintain quality web pages, about web design standards and why they’re important. The course progresses from introductory work on web development to a culminating project in which students design and develop websites for local community organizations.

Course Contents

Beginners Package (2 months)

  • Create your first web page, learning the code.
  • Make it more colourful and organized using styles.
  • Give animation and life to your website.
  • Usage of sliders and forms with validations.
  • Making pages interactive and some dynamics.
  • Project of making a fully workable and standardized website.

Intermediate Package (4 months)

  • Introduction to website development.
  • Basics of coding, PHP, Java and framework.
  • Introduction to Databases and code integration.
  • Make your first Content Management System (CMS).
  • Standardized your code using MVC framework.
  • Make instant messaging style.
  • Project of making your interactive custom portal.

Advanced Package (4 months)

  • Learning about Open Source Technologies.
  • Make WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal sites with full customization.
  • Make Magento, open cart sites with full customization.
  • Usage of Plugins and extensions.
  • Achieve a full customization in any product.
  • Advance PHP frameworks, code-igniter etc.
  • Project of making websites in each platform.

Expert Package (2 months)

  • Learn the latest cores of web development.
  • Make website crawlers, data scrapping.
  • Create JSONS for mobile app data.
  • Making Plugins and extensions.
  • Payment Gateways, auto rebilling, cron-jobs.
  • Social networking site concepts.
  • Usage of proxies and user agents in the code.
  • Manage server configuration using code.
  • Project of making an out of the box money making site.