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User Tools & Portals

Call us for the best support experience

Call us for the best support experience

SysTech Savvy provides a number of smart tools to access great tech support. With a centralized dashboard, business owners can monitor the functioning of network components, digital devices, servers, and more.

User Tools for Self-Help

A number of “User Tools” provided as a part of different support plans, enable a user with unlimited access to the premium self-help options that help upkeep a system’s security and performance factors. Some of these tools include Maintenance Toolkit, Tune Up Tool, and Antivirus.

One-Stop Shop to Fix all Tech Issues

No More Downtime

Self-Administration Portal

SysTech Savvy also offers every individual (whether an End-user or an Administrator of the business) access to Self-Administration Support Portal. The portal can be utilized for multiple things, depending upon the role of the user. End-user options include raising and viewing history of support tickets, viewing and validating device level inventory details, and much more. The admin options include pushing Patches / Scripts for automated fixes or other actions, sending product / service related feedback, etc.