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4 Steps to Certification

Step 1: Choose your certification

Select which certification is right for you from our entry level fundamentals through our advanced credentials:

  • Foundational: For students or workers new to IT
  • Associate: For entry-level IT workers
  • Professional: For established IT workers
  • Expert: ​For areas of expertise
  • Master: For seasoned IT professionals

Tools such as the Career Roadmap and our certification comparison chart can help you narrow down your choice.

Step 2: Choose a training option

Train for the certification exam using a variety of methods including:

  • Online study companion
  • Instructor-led training
  • Self-study

Each method can be used alone or in tandem with another.

Step 3: Get ​familiar with the exam

Learn more about what the exam covers by reviewing:

  • Exam objectives for key study points
  • Sample questions for a general overview of what to expect on the exam and examples of question format
  • Online forums, like LinkedIn, to see what other IT professionals say about exams

Step 4: Register and take the exam

1. Test from work or home with Online Testing

2. Take an in-person exam at a testing center.