Microsoft® Windows®


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Microsoft® Windows®

A smart choice for home and businesses.

Microsoft® Windows®

The same Windows® available anytime, on any device.

Available Microsoft® Windows® Courses: 7, 8.1, and 10

SysTech Savvy® offers world-class training for the entire Microsoft® Windows®, including versions 7, 8.1, and 10. And, of course, all classes are delivered by one of our Microsoft® Certified Trainers.

Get hands-on experience with Windows 8.1 certification and training from SysTech Savvy®. We will provide guidance on installing, upgrading and licensing for Windows 8.1. Students will also learn how to manage storage by creating simple, spanned and striped volumes, as well as how to optimize file-system performance.

Microsoft® Windows 8.1 - Level 1

Microsoft® Windows 8.1 - Level 2

Windows 10 has arrived, and for organizations and their employees, this latest OS may very well become Microsoft's greatest platform ever. Windows 10 is not only more familiar from a user standpoint, but it also includes so much of what businesses need.

Microsoft® Windows 10 - Level 1

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