Home Setup (Recovery Media Security & Data) - Onsite


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Home Setup (Recovery Media Security & Data) - Onsite

Home Setup (Recovery Media Security & Data) - Onsite


You just got a brand new laptop, so what's next? You could spend the next few hours setting up the system, wrangling with settings and software, but here's a far better solution. Let a SysTech Savvy Agent visit your home. We'll help you by setting up your computer, installing security software and a printer, setting up recovery media, and more.

Remain calm. We're here to help with

  • The sometimes complicated and time-consuming process of setting up a new computer
  • Getting rid of the pre-installed software you don't need, which can slow down the system
  • Figuring out how to load the programs you know and love
  • Attaching a printer
  • Creating recovery media, which can help you restore your computer if you go through a catastrophic crash
  • Transferring data from an existing computer to your new device so you have all the important files you need to get going

Service Features

  • Get your new PC set up and working just the way you like it
  • Install critical software and operating system updates so your computer will have access to the latest features and security info, including premium internet security software
  • Go through the system settings and modify them in order to maximize performance
  • Uninstall any pre-installed software you don't need so you'll have less clutter and more hard drive space
  • Install your favourite programs so you can keep working and playing the way you're used to
  • Install a printer so you can print out documents and photos
  • Create recovery media (on USB or DVDs), which will help you restore your system if you run into any major problems
  • Transfer data to your new device from up to one existing computer

Please note: Hardware and parts are not included unless specifically mentioned above.

Why Choose SysTech Savvy?

The SysTech Savvy 5-point Pledge:

  • Perform the work to your satisfaction
  • Work with your schedule
  • Teach you to use your system
  • Respect your home as if it were our own
  • Remedy any defect in workmanship for up to 90 days

How to Prepare for Your Onsite Service:

  • Please ensure a person at least 18 years of age is present during the entire time the service is provided
  • Please ensure any required accessories like cables and connectors are available
  • The SysTech Savvy Agent will require full access to the devices to be serviced, access to the residence, the owner's consent, cooperation to enter the residence or business, a safe working environment, working space, and electrical power
  • The SysTech Savvy Agent will show you proper identification upon arrival

Price: $199.00