Home Network Setup - Onsite


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Home Network Setup - Onsite

Home Network Setup - Onsite


You subscribed to an internet connection and got a router to usher your household to wireless bliss. Yet you could spend the next few hours researching how to set up a WiFi network. Let a SysTech Savvy Agent visit your home, make all the right connections and configure settings, so you can enjoy accessing the internet, anywhere throughout your home.

Remain calm. We're here to help with

  • Setting up your wireless network so up to five WiFi-enabled devices can "talk" to each other through a router

Service Features

  • Connect the router so your wireless devices at home can communicate with each other
  • Survey your home environment to assess wireless signal quality
  • Configure settings including SSID, wireless security, firewall settings and port forwarding (if required) to make it harder for unwanted guests from using up your bandwidth and secure important data
  • Integrate and troubleshoot up to five devices on a single network so multiple devices can connect to your existing wireless internet
  • Ensure media streaming for connected devices works

Please note: Hardware and parts are not included unless specifically mentioned above.

Why Choose SysTech Savvy?

The SysTech Savvy 5-point Pledge:

  • Perform the work to your satisfaction
  • Work with your schedule
  • Teach you to use your system
  • Respect your home as if it were our own
  • Remedy any defect in workmanship for up to 90 days

How to Prepare for Your Onsite Service:

  • Please ensure a person at least 18 years of age is present during the entire time the service is provided
  • Please ensure any required accessories like cables and connectors are available
  • The SysTech Savvy Agent will require full access to the devices to be serviced, access to the residence, the owner's consent, cooperation to enter the residence or business, a safe working environment, working space, and electrical power
  • The SysTech Savvy Agent will show you proper identification upon arrival

Price: $99.00