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e-Mail Marketing

e-Mail Marketing

Targeted e-Mail Marketing Strategy

One of your marketing goals is probably to attract interest in, build demand for, and generate sales of your products or services.

e-Mail marketing is a perfect form of digital media to assist the rest of your digital marketing in reaching your goals.
e-Mail marketing strategy is still one of the most cost effective ways to delight your already qualified prospects and customers.
  • SysTech Savvy provides e-Mail Marketing Strategy and Execution services to businesses.
  • We can help build your email database or grow your existing subscribers.
  • We do not believe in spamming prospects or existing valued customers.
  • Our e-Mail marketing philosophy is based on permission marketing as introduced by Seth Godin.
  • We only keep databases for promotional e-Mail’s and newsletters with those who have asked to receive your marketing.
  • We prefer to offer all subscribers the double opt-in approach.

Email Marketing + Re-Marketing Strategy

Did you know that we have successfully executed lucrative email marketing campaigns with our re-marketing strategies?

Your email database can be a very useful tool for marketing to your audience on a different platform than email. We can take your email database and create a geographically targeted custom audience with Facebook.

We’re able to strategically re-market to our qualified leads in a platform they are completely familiar with, and one that provides “social proof”.

Are you ready to get this going? e-Mail us, let’s get things started.

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