Eliminate Weak Points


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Eliminate Weak Points


Eliminate Weak Points

Eliminate IT Weak Points That Leave You Vulnerable to Disaster

Don’t assume you are safe from disaster! You need to be SURE you’re properly protected.

Whether you’re working in the legal, financial, manufacturing, medical, or technology sector, security is paramount. On any given day, business owners may handle and store client invoices, addresses, contact numbers, legal documentation, financial data, and other sensitive information. If clients have doubts about the reliability of your IT security, they’ll probably look elsewhere.

Beyond client confidence and retention, IT security is crucial for the ongoing operation of your business. How can you prevent system failure in the face of natural disasters, hardware breakdown, and malicious cyber crime?

SysTech Savvy provides server crash IT support and comprehensive IT security services to keep your business profitable under any circumstances.

Read more about our security and IT support services below.

You rely on technology to get work done every day, but there are many threats that could shut your IT down and drag you under. From natural disasters like blizzards and floods to manmade threats like cybercrime, you never know what the future holds. The only way to stay safe is to prepare for anything with Comprehensive IT Security.

We’ll help you answer these important questions:

  • Can I use email and the Internet effectively and without risk?
  • Is my data storage compliant with regulations I face?
  • Are my important files protected from disaster?
  • Can I maintain operations even if my office is unavailable?
Rest easy and know the future is nothing to fear. Turn to M.I.T. Consulting for complete protection against any threat to your technology. Call us now.

I am very happy with the level of service provided so far. Your staff have been great to work with and have been patient in taking the time to go over with me in person on what was needed and has been done to resolve our issues.

Supply Company

1. e-Mail and Spam Protection

Use email without fear of malware, spam, or cybercrime.

2. Backups and Business Continuity

Be prepared to keep working in the face of any disaster.

  • Backup important data for easy access in or out of the office
  • Create policies and procedures for staff to follow when disaster strikes
  • Streamline business operations for quick recovery after disaster
  • And more

3. Data Centre Services

Host vital services in our cloud centre to consolidate, simplify, and secure.

  • Improve risk management with automated backups and security processes
  • Eliminate hefty, expensive, and vulnerable hardware
  • Reduce energy costs and optimize your office space
  • And more

I would like to thank you all for what I consider an extremely smooth transition. I thank you for all the help and immediate assistance through the minor hiccups. Just to let you know I do appreciate all the effort and co-ordination that went into this project and made it so successful."

Vaughan Chamber

It’s time for a Total Technology Experience – everything you need from start to finish from one source that you can trust: SysTech Savvy

We’re your IT provider, plain and simple. Contact us at to discover how easy IT can be.