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eCommerce Designing

eCommerce Designing

Develop A Secure, Unique & Scalable e-Commerce Website

e-Commerce Website Design

SysTech Savvy is an e-Commerce website design Company. We specialize in developing robust, secure, cost-effective, and highly customizable e-Commerce platforms for businesses. As a team of web designers and developers, we understand how important it is to create a platform that secures transactions to your customer’s information, while delivering a unique and engaging user-experience. As a result, we create websites that are secure but will also be backed by extensive support from our team.

What are e-Commerce Best Practices?

1. Easy Navigation Bar

The navigation bar buttons are best utilized and effective when they have a fixed format, making it easy for the viewer to access your website with ease.

2. Clear Search Bar

Clear and visible placement of the search bar enables customers to search and find what ever they maybe looking for on your website.

3. Visible Call to Action

Ensuring the call-to-action button is large, clear, different in colour & font encourages customers to “do something”, proceed with an action (example- sales)

4. New Arrivals to Display

Displaying "new arrivals" on the home page allows your existing customers to remain up-to-date with your latest products saving them time from navigating through your entire website.

5. Social Media Appearance

Linking and displaying your social media accounts on your website allows customers to “like” and “share” your products and website with their friends & family; word of mouth is the most trusting marketing strategy.

6. Secure Shopping Badge

Ensures to customer they can safely purchase from your website, building trust and essentially increasing your conversion rate.

7. Footer with Payment Options

Clearly displaying your payment options is impetrative for your customers, as they begin to invest time searching and selecting products on your site; and ultimately customer is prepared for payment and the transaction is completely effortlessly.

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