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Adobe® Flash

Get moving.

Adobe® Flash

Get moving.

Adobe® Flash Training from SysTech Savvy

Adobe Flash is a tool for creating animation and multimedia content that shows consistently across desktops, mobile devices, and different browsers.

Adobe Flash training from SysTech Savvy will teach you how to create Flash projects using animation techniques for both beginners and advanced users. This knowledge will help you to create videos with bidirectional streaming of audio and video, games, or computer animations.

Adobe Flash software is a powerful authoring environment for creating animation and multimedia content. Design immersive interactive experiences that present consistently across desktops and multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones and televisions. Flash enables users to easily combine multiple symbols and animation sequences into a single optimized sprite sheet for better workflow, build more engaging content using native extensions to access device-specific capabilities, and create assets and animations for use in HTML5.

Learn the skills to use and master Adobe Flash with SysTech Savvy hands-on, instructor-led training courses. Our Adobe Flash classes are task-based and focus on real-world uses and challenges individuals face in their day to day environments.

What's new in Adobe Flash?

  • Sprite sheet generation
  • CreateJS toolkit to output HTML5
  • Access to platform and device-specific capabilities
  • Prepackaged Adobe AIR captive runtimes
  • Mobile application interaction simulation
  • Support for the latest runtimes

Adobe Flash Course Topics

  • Creating and manipulating Flash objects
  • Working with vector and bitmap graphics
  • Beginning to advanced animation techniques
  • Working with layers
  • Understanding ActionScript
  • Planning and creating Flash projects
  • Working with Flash movies

Adobe® Flash

Flash, formerly Macromedia Flash, is a multimedia and software platform used for authoring of vector graphics, animation, games and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), which can be viewed, played and executed in Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe® Flash - Level 1

Adobe® Flash - Level 2

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